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The Process

The Process

So, you decided that you want to move forward with the consultation call? Here’s a few tips to help ease the process.

Schedule a New Client Consultation using our Appointment Request Form. During the 15-minute phone call, you will get to know me and talk about the changes you would like to see in your life. If you are a good fit for therapy and you decide to move forward, you will be able to schedule a Clinical Intake Assessment right away. Prior to the intake appointment you will be asked to complete the Client Intake Form, Information Sheet, and Limits of Confidentiality. You can find the forms listed up under our Client Forms Tab. Feel free to submit them via email or bring them into the office the day of your scheduled Clinical Intake Assessment.

A Clinical Intake Assessment is a 50-minute appointment where I will delve deep into your presenting concerns and background. During the intake appointment, I will inquire to better understand who you are and how CWTCS can best help you. At this time, my primary job is to get information from you to help determine which best course of treatment is best suited to work with your needs.

It is common to feel a little nervous and self-conscious during your clinical intake appointment.

In fact, it may be helpful to share these feelings.

Together you will set goals for treatment and agree to how frequently you will meet for Therapy Sessions.

During your Therapy Sessions, you will work with me on the goals you outlined during the intake assessment and frequently check in to assess your progress. Just remember that therapy is active, and you will be expected to continue working on your goals between sessions.